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We are no longer registering for worship.
Peace Members: We will be using every other pew and there will be chairs in the narthex and upstairs in the balcony if needed. We will still have two seats on the end of each pew marked with bulletins and the chairs in other places will be in this configuration as well. Larger families of course can still sit together in one pew as we have been doing. If all of those spots are filled, people will be directed downstairs where the service will be on shown a video screen.
Online Services
We will continue to offer full services online, however their format will change significantly. It will be a live video recording of the full service we have Sunday Morning with minimal editing. It will be posted online hopefully Sunday Afternoon or Evening but certainly by Monday Morning. If anyone wishes to help with this editing and uploading, please let Pastor know.
Other Announcements
Pastoral care will continue through these means:  Sermons, Scriptures, and Devotions will be posted on our Facebook page ( which you can access even without a Facebook Account); Sermons, and other items as possible, will also be posted on our website (; Pastor is available via his cell phone to talk or text (320-372- 0773); elders are available to speak to you (use their phone numbers in the Annual Report); and Pastor is willing to come visit you in your home, delivering the Sacrament to you as well if you desire it.  Two requests are made of you. Please call anyone you think might not get this message online.  It is better for people to receive several calls than none. Focus on your family members and others you think may not be a part of another family group.  Secondly, with those who are not familiar with how to watch media online but have internet access, help them learn how to do this so they can remain connected.  Finally, please share any personal or community needs you are aware of with Pastor or the elders.

For the time being, those who not attending worship who wish to submit their offerings are asked to simply mail those offerings to the Church. If possible place your offering inside your normal offering envelope, and then place all of that inside of a normal envelope and send it to PO Box 60 Finlayson Minnesota 55735. If you have any questions about this or anything else, let Pastor know.