Peace Lutheran Church
2177 Highway 18
P.O. Box 60
Finlayson, MN  55735

Welcome Members of Peace Lutheran Church

"The Perfect Church"
If you could find the perfect church, without one fault or smear.
 For goodness sake, don't join that church, you'd spoil the atmosphere.
But since no perfect church exists, where people never sin.
 Let's cease looking for that church and love the one we're in.

Soup makers, bread & bar bakers for soup suppers for our Lenten evenings, beginning Wednesday, Feb. 14th.

Members' Service Schedule

February Altar Guild - Judy Koski & Nancy Pogatchnik

SUNDAY - February 18
Ushers: Bill Tvedt, Leon & Lucas Payne, Dwight Hahn
Greeters:  John & Cindy Pitts
Acolyte:  John Colsrud
Organist:  Marge Haefner

SUNDAY, February 25
Ushers:  Tim Koski, Ed Barnick, Royce Larson, Gideon Hoppe
Greeters:  Linda Becker & Kathy Alm
Acolyte:   Eric Fredrickson
Organist:  Rachael Henkel  

SUNDAY, March 4
Ushers: Ron Volk, Larry Alm, Rich Mensing, Glen Hemphill
Greeters:  Linda Becker & Kathy Alm
Acolyte:   Ava Dunkley
Organist:  LuAnn Alleman